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Adventure and Off-Road Motorcycling Thailand and Laos.

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The Rider's Tour!

Transmotosport specializes in a combination of Off-road and adventure, multi day custom motorcycling adventures.
We are based in Chiang Mai city, the cultural centre of Thailand, and logistically the best gateway to riding in North Thailand and Laos.

Transmotosport employees are skilled motorcyclists that live and breathe what we do. We take pleasure in being flexible and having our resources put to the test, as we attempt to give you the most fulfilling adventure holiday possible.

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8th ofJune 2011. 14 Day Thailand and Laos Adventure
14 Days magic motorcycle riding through Thailand and Laos.
Riding a motorcycle lets us adventure off the beaten track, and explore the rural areas and National parks of Thailand and Laos, these areas we explore are only comfortably accessible by motorcycle.

This tour is a unique and exciting experience, the tour is based around motorcycling but offering so much more, as previous clientel have given testimonials too.
IMG_0217web300 Our night stopovers are chosen for their appeal, comfort, and cuisine and on the odd occasion also for the night life.
Along the journey we pass through many remote villages. Villages where you can experience firsthand the unique hill-tribe culture and costumes of the Akha, Karen, Lisu, Musa, Palong, and Hmong hill tribes people. It is also not uncommon for us to come across working elephants in these remote locations.2010 june laos 124web280

The motorcycle riding in best described with the word AMAZING! It’s is hard to comprehend how even the tarmac roads have remained so curvaceous and are inhabited by so few of the motor vehicles in vast contrast to the city areas of South East Asia .

We will pass sections of jungle off-road trails, adventure style motorcycle riding along dirt rural roads and curvaceous tarmac mountain ranges.

Our passage will take through numerous streams. Sometimes we will need the assistance of make shift bridges built by locals to navigate the deeper water. There will be occasions where by the only passage is by navigating the rivers abroad a ferry boat.

The dining is superb,Thai cuisine is world renown, and for good reason, the dishes are bursting with flavours, and spices, every meal is a delight on the palette. Laotian cuisine is similar to Thai with subtle differences.

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